Real Estate Services

Representing Sellers


Superior Realty has represented many property owners in the sale of their home. Proper market research  will establish an accurate listing price, and professional-grade photographs will be created to show the home if the best way. Sometimes, a property inspection is recommended before the listing begins so that a Seller is aware of any repairs that may be required. A pre-sales package will be assembled to organize the property survey, mortgage balance, insurance and transferable warranties, such as a roof warranty.

Representing Buyers


Buyers are represented by Superior Rea;ty in their search for property. Once a property is located, the company will make an offer on behalf of the Buyer. After a deal is made, then the company will coordinate inspections, repairs, mortgage applications and approvals, selection of home warranty companies and the final closing on the  transaction. The company also works with the seller and buyer to obtain any applicable warranties that are purchased or transfered to the Buyer, such as a roof warranty.

Property Management


For over ten years Superior Realty LLC has helped property owners  advertise, lease and manage rental properties. As a real estate broker, the company can advertise all properties for lease on the real estate listing services. Once a tenant is located, the company will investigate the tenant and evaluate the tenant's qualifications. When a lease is agreed to, the company will collect rents and manage any repairs approved by the owner. In the event the tenant violates the lease, the company will process an eviction.