Property Management Services

Preparing your home for rent


Comprehensive property management services for Landlords. Let Superior Realty take care of your rental properties. Our company can prepare your rental home for listing on the MLS, including conducting an inspection to determine what is needed to secure a tenant quickly. Top quality photos of the home will be made for the listing on the MLS, and the home can be online quickly. Prospective tenants will be shown by the company or cooperating Realors in the area.

On-going management


Once a tenant is secured, Superior Realty goes over the lease property rules with the tenant and sets up a tenant account for the tenant and property on our proprietary website. The tenant can use the website to make rental payments and report maintenance issues to the property manager. Periodic inspections of the property are conducted to ensure compliance to the lease by the tenant . Any violations of the lease will require corrective measures by the company.

When things go wrong


In the event the tenant is in violation of any provisions of the lease, Superior Realty will provide a formal notice about the lease violation. Violations include not mowing the lawn, parking illegally on the street, failure to keep the property clean, or failure to pay the rent. After notifying the tenant of the violation, the company will provide a notice to cure or vacate the premises. Then, if the tenant fails to correct the problem or move out, the company will commence eviction proceedings.